Pregnancy is a unique and powerful experience. A woman’s body undergoes physiological, biomechanical and emotional changes during pregnancy. 

The body goes through both structural and hormonal changes, your posture will adapt to your growing baby and your centre of gravity will be shifted toward the front.  Hormonal changes cause ligaments all over the body to soften and stretch to prepare the mother’s body with immense elasticity to adapt around the developing baby and to allow optimum passage of the baby through the birth canal. Osteopathy offers a safe and effective manual treatment and can alleviate many of the typical muscular and myofascial stresses of pregnancy. Gentle osteopathic treatment can help expectant mothers to feel more relaxed and enjoy their pregnancy with fewer stresses.

Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Enormous physical, hormonal and emotional changes take place in pregnancy over a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately aches and pains during pregnancy are a common occurrence. These can be treated effectively and usually quite quickly. Gentle, specific and non-pharmaceutical osteopathic techniques can help your body adjust to the physical, physiological and emotional changes of pregnancy.

Osteopathic care during pregnancy can be beneficial in a number of ways:

Osteopathy can help with:

When to consult

It is recommended to consult an osteopath as soon as symptoms appear. Osteopaths have extensive training and can use very gentle techniques which are perfectly safe at all stages of pregnancy.