Poor posture can place an enormous strain on the spine, shoulders, hips and knees leading to joint pain, tension headaches, muscle trauma and limited flexibility.

Yet many people lead extremely busy lives and are simply unaware of the bad habits they have adopted. You can improve your bad posture with Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates at Fine-Tune Osteopathy. We will introduce you to techniques that will remain with you for life.

Common Causes of Poor Posture

The number of people suffering with painful backs due to poor posture has risen dramatically recently due to repetitive texting, regular email-checking, sitting at a poorly designed work station, carrying heavy schoolbags and looking at the floor whilst walking are among the actions that can contribute to rounded shoulders, hunched backs, stoops, downward-pointing chins, dowager’s humps and can result in heads hanging too far over the body.
Driving for long periods of time can have a similar effect on your posture because car, van and truck seats naturally make you sit in a hunched manner. Also, because your arms need to be up and holding the steering wheel, you may find that you generate a lot of tension in your shoulder muscles. If you experience this at work or due to leisure activities that involve a lot of driving, then you may wish to visit an osteopath for treatment and for advice on ways to improve your posture as you drive.

Diagnosis and Osteopathic Treatment for Poor Posture

Treatment for poor posture will include direct treatment of any pain that you already have as well as an overall look at the core muscles in your body. This holistic treatment allows your osteopath to re-balance the muscles in your body which will increase the stability of your posture by reducing any strain that was occurring due to imbalance between your muscles.

Your osteopath will also want to give you advice on how to improve your sitting and standing posture in order to reduce your symptoms and help to build your core muscles so that you reduce your likelihood of developing future (or further) pain caused by bad posture.