When children get older and become increasingly physical they are more likely to injure themselves.

Most of these injuries are minor, however some injuries are more severe and may compromise how well the child’s body is functioning.It is important to ensure that the neuro-musculoskeletal system is functioning to its full ability given the changes that occur whilst the body is growing from infancy to adulthood. Osteopaths use a range of techniques to treat children — all of them very gentle.

Osteopathic Care of Children

Osteopathy for children can help support motor and cognitive development and often work alongside other health professionals to optimise progress. Sometimes young children may complain of pains, and although this is unusual in a young body it should be thoroughly investigated. Osteopaths often work with children complaining of back and joint pain, growing pains, stomach pains, and headaches. Sporting injuries are also common in children, as are other adolescent conditions such as Osgood Schlatter’s and Scheuermann’s disease. Osteopathy can be of great benefit in such conditions as well as with recurrent problems such as ankle sprains.

Our highly qualified and experienced Osteopaths apply gentle techniques to not only help promote health in children, but also to alleviate symptoms of specific conditions.

After taking a detailed medical history your Osteopath will then discuss with you how Osteopathic treatment may benefit your child. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s specific case, please telephone the practice on 021880522.